Frequently Asked Questions

How to join the club?

First, select the club where you’re wishing to join, then make a reservation for "club tour " by E-mail or Telephone, to see the facilities.
You can join the club and use the facilities at the same day if you like.(The current monthly fee will be calculated by the day, so you don’t have to pay full monthly amount)
If you wish to join the club immediately, please use website for the member application. Note: Some club may have a waiting list to join. Please check the availability first.

What I need at joining the club? How can I pay for the monthly fee?

Two ID (licenses, insurance certificates and the passports, etc.) and a cash card of a financial institution (※) are needed.
At joining the club, you'll register account information of a financial institution, and we withdraw monthly fee for the current month in an account transfer for 27 days every month. ※Some financial institution cards may not be used. Please inquire for more information.

How can I cancel the membership?

You need to come to the club for the application of cancellation.
The closing day will be "10 days every month" for a cancellation in the end of the current month. If your application accepted after 10th of the month, your cancellation will be end of next month.

Is there any fee other than monthly charge?

At the signing the contract, we will charge the security key fee.
After that, we will charge only monthly fee. You can use the facilities as many as you like. Note: The monthly fee is different price depending on the clubs. Please check the price first.

Can I use the club only during “Staff Hours”?

No, you can use the club 24 hours, 365 days!!
However, all application such as signing/cancellation should be done during Staff Hours.
Note : We may close the club due to maintain the facilities.
Staff Hours is different depending to the clubs. Please check.

I never used the Fitness Club. Will you teach how to use the machines?

We have an orientation service (No charge/ Need an appointment ), so don’t worry about it.
Also, making a personal menu and/or personal trainer service (charge by hour) is available depending on the clubs. Please check the club for the details.

Is there a personal locker?

We have a contracted locker with additional monthly charge.
You can store shoes and personal belonging. Please check the club for the locker availability.

Can I use other Anytime Fitness Club?

Yes, 31 days after joining the club, Anytime Fitness Member can use over 3,000 clubs in 23 countries without any additional charge. Just use your key to get in the facilities.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact any AF Club near by.

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